Boxstoberfest: September 2004

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Robb and Sally and their '65 356C. They're really much more focused than this picture portrays.

Someone's been waxing...

Prior to the drive we had plenty of time to inspect the cars...

...and mingle

A nice lineup of 356's

En route to lunch in Hunt

During a brief stop to regroup we invaded a neighborhood

This was the first of several "where are we and what's going on?" moments.

Rolling again. This time a friendly policeman monitored our progress for a few miles.

Yes, this is "the store" in Hunt. Interesting place. Unfortunately I cannot recommend the French Tacos.

Inside the Hunt Store we found...
A brief history of barbed wire. Thanks to Sarah for noticing this.

Getting in touch with my roots. My great(x?)grandfather, Joseph Glidden, was an early barbed wire inventor and patent-holder.

Porsches in the mist *cough cough*

We've stopped again. I think this was a bathroom break for the more adventurous.

A self portrait

Ok...let's go...

...And 10 minutes later we were at an "official" stopping point - a scenic overlook.

Yes, it really was quite scenic

After the drive we met for a social hour at the Hangar Hotel, a nostalgic-themed hotel at the Fredericksburg airport.

Nice photo-op outside the hotel.

This is inside the hotel "Conference Center."