Chris and Eden's Wedding

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Our view for four hours - brake lights.

The Briggs's driveway. There's a house in there somewhere.

A view from the second floor landing out one of the back windows.

A view from the second floor landing out the front door.

With the house behind us this is looking back out the driveway.

The Litchfield Inn, where the Rehersal Dinner was held.

An example of my poor indoor photography skills. Chris and Sammy at the Rehersal Dinner.

The First Congregational Church of Litchfield. The most photographed church in New England.

"Downtown" Litchfield.

A memorial to the citizens of Litchfield who died in the Civil War.

Each side of the memorial had a different battle and the soldiers who died there.

One of the colonial houses along South Street.

A side view of the same house reveals how large it really is. This is one of the smaller ones.

A side garden at the house next door.

The Episcopal Church. Not the most photographed, but imposing nonetheless.

The Tapping Reeve House and Law School was the first law school in the country.

The Litchfield area is very scenic.

Another "scenic vista"