Chris and Eden's Wedding

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Sarah strikes a pose at the Briggs's house.

Yeah, yeah. Hurry up. We're late.

A mowed path let from the parking area to the gardens.

Steve and Chris

Sarah and Chris

Chris's grandmother, great aunt and mother (l-r)

Chris is awaits his bride. Note that he's holding a camera up there.

The flower girls and ring bearer. It seems there was a disagreement over who would hold the garland.

Here comes the bride...

...husband and wife...

...Mr. and Mrs. Olsen departing in the carriage.

Sarah waxes prosiac in the guestbook. To her credit, we thought we would just have to sign our name.

A set of trellises provide the kids a place to play.

Past the trellises closer to the house was this interior garden area.

The Olsen family

The cake

The happy couple

The Olsens and the Boyds

Mrs. Briggs

Another happy couple