Disney Vacation Part 2: The Cruise

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The ladies do a little dancing at the sail-away party. Beverley demonstrates the "TMCA"

Bill, Debbie and Mike watching the fun from deck 10. "I think this is just going to be one big party."

Steve and Sarah pose for a pic outside Parrot Cay.

Beverley joins the conga line during dinner. "Could you get me an iced tea while your up?"

This glass sculpture is on the ceiling of deck 5. It reminds me of the lobby in the Bellagio.

A view of the sculpture and the lobby below.

This is the entrance to Triton's, one of the restaurants on-board.

Steve and Sarah and the Big Dog.

Steve and Sarah and some ducks.

Doug, giving us his best air-guitar.

Nice vest.

At Castaway Cay, Jennifer floats on a raft contemplating the incredible lack of people here.

Miles of beach and no one around. This place was pretty nice.

At one of our many "Planned Meeting Points" Mickey came out to greet people.

One of the towel animals left for us by our stateroom attendant - sporting my sunglasses.

"I'm gonna get the whole experience." - Doug

Here's a picture of our boat from the Castaway Cay tram.

Another picture of the boat. But you already figured that out.

The back of the boat, or "aft." I don't think Sarah ever figured that out.

Mike, beating a defenseless stranger at ping-pong.

A view of Castaway Cay from our stateroom.