Disney Vacation Part 1: The Parks

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July 10th, 6:30am. Most of the crew is ready to go. Apparently Doug felt his teeth weren't clean enough.

On the monorail. Doug's got his teeth clean, but he's not showing them.

We participated in the "Mad Sprint to Space Mountain." It was really more like a "spirited walk."

During a break for breakfast at Crystal Palace, Sarah finds a friend.

Steve and Eeyore. What else can i say?

Sarah and Piglet. I always thought Piglet was supposed to be smaller.

The bottom of the atrium in the Crystal Palace. We're well-fed and ready to go.

The top of the atrium.

July 11, 7:30am. On our way to Animal Kingdom. How did I end up the only person wearing a purse?

Sarah and Mickey waiting for the Animal Kingdom to open.

Debbie and Mike look for an animal on the safari.

Sarah spies a giraffe.

Steve & Sarah and a giant fake tree - the "Tree of Life."

Inside the giant tree we learned that it is, indeed, tough to be a bug.

Lookin' good ladies!

Spaceship Earth, as seen from the monorail.

Sarah is enjoying our ride in the front of the monorail.

July 12 - pictured is the crew who were brave enough to ride the new ride - Mission: Space.

Jen, Doug and a rodent at the Garden Grille

Beverley and Bill and the rodent. Let's face it - I don't know if it's Chip or Dale.