Dogwood Trail Tour: March 2003

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We met at WalMart in Mesquite to start the tour

Everyone is clean and ready to hit the road

Okay, does anyone know where we are? We're lost, but hey - premium's pretty cheap!

A non-scheduled stop at the feed store. I was under the impression that we were still lost at this point

But appearantly we were not lost - just "regrouping." And hey - how'd that M3 get in there?

At last - we rejoin the rest of the group. Now - is everyone's radio on CHANNEL SEVEN!

Back on the road again. The weird moire pattern is a reflection of my dash in the windshield.

A scheduled stop at Braum's. I don't have a clue where we are, but it was fun getting here.

Calling all cars (channel 7, please)

My Boxster - grinning as wide as I was

My Boxster, with his big brother looking on from behind.

Our lineup drew quite a crowd. I heard someone say there were 37 cars in our group.

Josh is taking a break

Finally - a stop sign gave Sarah time to grab this shot of a dogwood in someone's front yard.

Are you sure these are "roads?" I'm fairly certain at one point we were on a footpath.

More dogwoods at our destination - Davey Dogwood Park

More of the park and those fabulous "roads"

Lost again. "$8 million worth of cars here and we can't find our way out of a paper bag."