Maui, HI - July, 2005

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A large banyan tree marks the entrance to our hotel, the Hyatt

A nice view of the surf from our room (it's zoomed alot)

A view from one of the hotel restaurants

Looking out over the hotel pool and the ocean

Just playing with the macro on my camera

A sunset view from the grounds of the Kapalua Bay Resort

Because it's so rainy on different parts of the island, there were lots of rainbows

A July 4 sunset view from Lahaina

On Oahu, this picture shows several of the memorials

The U.S.S. Missouri has 9 of these 16" guns

On one of the upper decks of the Missoure, looking out at the Arizona memorial and across Pearl Harbor

Visiting the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial

Looks like I may have had a relative on the ship

Some of the wreckage is visible above the water's surface

Sarah checking out Waikiki beach

"International Marketplace" - fancy name for "flea market"

North Kaanapali Beach at the Sheraton with Black Rock on the right

Some lunatics jumping off of Black Rock

A wide shot of the beach from the grounds of the Sheraton

We enjoyed snorkeling here in Honalua Bay

The water was very clear and there was many varieties of fish and coral

Wednesday night we attended a luau

The fire-dancer guy was pretty good

On the famous Road to Hana we did a short hike

One of the few waterfalls we saw

A black sand beach along the Road

Notice the road path carved into the rock above the beach

After our drive we had lunch at Mama's Fish House. This place is the definition of paradise

The beach in front of the restaurant

Another macro-lens shot